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From 1.7. until 31.8.2017 we operate in "holiday state". We do not have a fixed holiday term, if we do not respond to your e-mail within 48 hours or we will not respond to your phone call, we are outside the establishment and office, and we will answer you as soon as possible.

We work on received orders and we will process them continuously during this period, we will accept new orders during this period.

Visit the establishment is possible only after prior agreement.

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V-AR - caliber 308 Win.

We offer semi-automatic rifles V-AR in caliber 308 Win. We offer weapon with barrel length 14½" and 16½" as light version and surcharge for a longer barrel, ie barrel length 18" and 20" as heavy version, or according to each customer's request.

Series production has already started, we expect sales to end users in April 2017. Availability of semi-automatic rifles V-AR in caliber 308 Win. we will inform you.

We are currently accepting orders on the weapon of this caliber.




V-AR - barrel length 8"

Rifle V-AR, caliber .223 Rem., barrel length 8":

- with a buttstock of our own production - adjustable, 6 positions
- made of high-quality aluminum, titanium and plastic
- this buttstock has a cheek riser