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V-AR rifle


Semi-automatic rifle V-AR combines the main advantages of both the world's most widely used weapon systems AR15 / M16 and AK47. Rifle V-AR has perfect ergonomics and controls AR15 type weapons, but is equipped with a piston mechanism with automatic pressure control, ensuring no pollution and warming to the breech mechanism and the interior of the frame and therefore the system is virtually maintenance free. The system also provides reliability and simplicity of the internal layout.  

Rifle V-AR in caliber 9 mm Luger has a dynamic bolt so no piston or DI system is needed. Everything else is exactly the same as the 223 Rem., including controls.

Rifles V-AR are currently produced in caliber 223 Rem., 9 mm Luger, 7,62x39, 300 AAC Blackout (300 Whisper), 6,8 mm Rem. SPC., 308 Win. and 5,45x39.

Rifle V-AR is available in several versions, made to fit the requirements of each customer. All components and parts (excluding semi-finished barrel and plastic accessories - stocks and grips) are produced by the company itself of a high quality aviation alluminium alloy using CNC machines. The surface of aluminum alloy parts are hard anodized.

Rifle V-AR is shipped with picatinny rail forend, folding adjustable sights, stock and grip. It comes in a black plastic case (for transport and storage, with the option of locking) and with one magazine. Customer can choose the V-AR rifle color among black, sand and green. Of course, the rifle can be equipped with other accessories according to each customer's request.  

The weapons are tested with 5 different rifle cartridges, which are available on the Czech market. Reliability of the weapons is our priority, so currently all rifles are delivered with 4 years limited waranty. The weapons we manufacture are heavily tested, shooting several thousand rounds, including test firing under water and dusty conditions.